Bristol University 1980

Prescote Gallery, Banbury 1982

Newlyn Art Gallery 1983

Prescote Art and Design, Edinburgh 1984

The Belgrave Gallery, London 1990 and 1995

Devizes Museum 1998

Martin du Louvre, Paris 2000

Katharine House Gallery, Marlborough 2005

Fine Art Society 2007


Plymouth City Art Gallery

West Riding Education Committee

Cornwall Education Committee

Royal Cornwall Polytechnic

Rugby Art Gallery and Museum

Devizes Museum

Mondriaanhuis, Amersfoort, Netherlands


Piazza Studios, St Ives 1942

Manchester City Art Gallery, 1942

Camborne, Cornwall, 1943

A.I.A. Gallery, London, 1949

Blackheath Art Society, London, 1952

London Group,1956

Island Art Gallery, Newquay, 1956

Newlyn Art Gallery,1956-64

Waddington Gallery, London, 1958

Sheviock Gallery, Cornwall, 1958

Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Gallery, Falmouth, 1958

Plymouth Arts Centre, 1958

Royal Albert Museum and Art Gallery,  Exeter, 1958

Sixth Devon Festival, Barnstaple and Exeter, 1958

Plymouth Arts Centre, 1958

Newlyn Society of Artists,1958

Plymouth City Art Gallery, 1960

Camborne, Cornwall, 1960

Sail Loft Gallery, St Ives 1960-63

Piccadilly Gallery, London 1961

Newlyn Society of Artists, 1961

Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol 1962

Newlyn Society of Artists,1962

Fore Street Gallery, St Ives 1962-64

Cultural Centre, Ostend 1963

Porthleven Gallery, Cornwall, 1964, 1965

University Gallery, Santa Barbara, California 1965

Bath Festival 1970

Royal West of England Academy 1974, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1981

Gloucester City Art Gallery, 1978

Victoria Art Gallery, Bath,1978

Park Street Gallery, Bristol, 1979

Wills Lane Gallery, St Ives, 1980

Penwith Gallery, St Ives, 1980

First Day Covers Exhibition, Newlyn Art Gallery, 1980

Beaux Arts Gallery, Bath, 1980

Green College, Oxford, 1981

Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, 1981

Lawrence House Museum, Launceston, 1981

Bristol Polytechnic, 1982

London Group, Camden Arts Centre, 1982-83

Gardner Centre, Sussex University, 1983

Michael Parkin Gallery, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1989

Chicago International Art Fair (Michael Parkin Gallery),1987

Comune, Casole d’Elsa, Italy, 1986, 1987

Day Book Exhibition – Smith’s Galleries, London, 1987; Rye Art Gallery, 1988; Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh, 1988; The Usher Gallery, Lincoln, 1989; The Vardy Centre, Newcastle, 1989; The Victoria Art Gallery, Bath, 1989

The Belgrave Gallery, London 1990-2004

Mondriaanhuis, Amersfoort, Netherlands 2000

Julian Lax 2001

Market House Gallery, Penzance 2003

Katharine House Gallery, Marlborough 2006

Fine Art Society, London, 2007



Above: studio in Devizes, mid-1990s

Right, from top: with Madeleine Canney at Newlyn Art Gallery, 1995; revisiting Paestum, 1989