Further information about Michael Canney’s artistic and curatorial activities at Newlyn Art Gallery, in particular, can be found at the Cornwall Artists Index:

This is not a commercial site, but for those interested in acquiring works by Michael Canney, the galleries and dealers listed below have sold works attributed to him in the past, or may currently stock them. Please note that the links are provided without any guarantees of authenticity, and buyers should satisfy themselves independently as to the genuine nature and provenance of any works purchased. No responsibility can be accepted for the contents of the websites listed.

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Askew Art

Belgrave Gallery

Cambridge Prints

Clark Art

De Parma

Derwent-Wye 20th Century

Emperor’s Clothes

Fine Art Society

Great Atlantic Galleries

Jenna Burlingham Fine Art

Katharine House

Liss Fine Art

(also at  

To download a catalogue of the Michael Canney Exhibition at the The Fine Art Society from
28 February to 15 March 2007: 

Louise Kosman

Martin du Louvre

Michael Cane

Milne & Moller

Modern British Gallery

Osborne Samuel

Paisnel Gallery

Portland Gallery

Porthminster Gallery

Wenlock Fine Art

Whitford Fine Art

Some works for reproduction can be found at

The following auction houses are among those that have also sold works by Canney:




Click here to see an archive video of a BBC film made by Canney: